Wednesday, December 10, 2008

But how will God watch his favourite CFL team

Or, Saskatchewan's Quiet Revolution means putting a lid on it.

From the "dear God, no" files:
REGINA — The City of Regina is examining the possibility of building a domed facility to replace Mosaic Stadium.
Shame on those Prairie pragmatists for recognizing their right to economic self-determinism and to not freeze their assets, while some toasty-warm Easterners sits in his living room gazing at the televised winter wonderland. Nevertheless, Sasky is getting carried away with this being a have province -- what's that? asks the guy sitting in Ottawa on Day 1 of a transit strike. The kicker is that a dome in Regina became reality, the folks out there in what can no longer be called Next Year Country probably won't make a fuss.

They're way too reasonable. The masochists among the NFL fans, in Buffalo and Green Bay, they can go around acting like it's a sign of character to sit outdoors for 3½ hours. In Saskatchewan, it might be like, if you could afford to not be outdoors on a Sunday afternoon in November, why would you not? Granted, the feelling might be different if the 'Riders hadn't gone two decades in between home playoff games.

Anyway, this is yet another example why the 'Riders are the chosen team. Some of you might argue that the Edmonton Eskimos, based on the number of championships they have won over the past three-plus decades, are God's team (if so, they have been forsaken for the past few years -- all together now, Maciocia!), but no, the 'Riderville suits a higher power perfectly: They're full of suffering and true believers.

(Everything Mr. Sager knows of Saskatchewan comes from having a colleague of work who's from near Fort Qu'Appelle, along with Corner Gas reruns.)

Regina could be home of the dome (Murray McCormick, Saskatchewan StarPhoenix)

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A domed stadium in Regina! Ottawa City council take note on what real civic leaders can get done.