Sunday, November 09, 2008

Some guys have all the luck...

...and some guys just don't.

In just his second skate of the season, and only 15-months away from the potential redemption that is winning a gold medal in your home country, Jeremy Wotherspoon is once again facing adversity.

He broke his arm yesterday at a World Cup in Berlin.

Wotherspoon is likely best known among Canadian as The Great Canuck Hope (tm) in SLC that fell two seconds off the line in his first 500m heat. He was a world champion then and a world record holder now (and he struggled unexpectedly in Turin as well). He's one of Canada most accomplished amateur athletes. Ever. In any sport. But, yet he will always be remembered as the guy that choked in Utah.

Yesterday's news just solidifies Wotherspoon as comedy. He's incredibly talented and profoundly unlucky.

Maybe this is just one more story element that some producer at the CBC is going to add when making the Jeremy Wotherspoon Story - A speed skaters bumpy journey to glory sometime in 2012. Speed skating officials say he'll be back in March and be ready for Vancouver.

Meanwhile Kristina Groves (remember that name and you'll impress your colleagues a yera and a bit from now) captured the first Canuck gold of the season on Friday when she lead a Canadian sweep of the women's 1500m.

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