Monday, November 10, 2008

Fronts: As we settle in for another winter of discontent, a new voice in the wilderness

The anger is reaching Critical Mavs, so to speak, down in our beloved K-Town. Over the weekend, the diehards at Fronts Talk discovered a new blog, Save Our Kingston Frontenacs (

The fans behind this site want to see owner Doug Springer sell the team, or at the very least get rid of coach-GM Larry Mavety and bring in coaches and management who aren't late in joining the 21st century. This is the second blog that has been started targeting Springer and Mavety. Has any other OHL owner and GM even been the target of one?  Junior hockey fans are usually pretty loyal (in this case, their loyalty is to each other and the players who are caught in this whole shootin' gong show).

It could be some of the same fans who were behind Fire Larry Mavety last season, but that is beside the point. There is a deep, deep well of anger toward the Frontenacs, as you can see from the symposium culled from Fronts Talk, New OHL Open Forum and the Kingston Whig-Standard collected after the jump. The aim of posting this here is to capture the spirit of the thing, in hope that others who have the proper outlet — local journalists, elected officials — will start to ask hard questions about just what the hell is going on with this franchise. 

The estimable hockey writer Sunaya Sapurji is scoring off us over at Loose Pucks: "Just letting you know, if I win a large jackpot (highly unlikely) I promise to buy the Kingston Frontenacs and run the franchise into the ground. I'm guessing fans won't even notice the change in ownership."

On with the symposium!
"Good God Mr. Springer, even you must see Mavety just can't handle it anymore. But then again, if you dont care why should we. Kingston, your gonna NOT have a team in the near future if this keeps up."

"My family has been season ticket holders for 17 years and I have never felt the way that I feel now.... I actually go to the arena and sit in my seat and I hope beyond all hope that we lose 10-0 every game.

"I have nothing bad to say about any player anymore until serious changes are made. It's plain to see that if these kids pulled together and played they could easily make the playoffs but .... no one on earth would put forth an effort for an organization that clearly cares nothing about them."

"This debacle won't be fixed until the team is sold. Personally, I would like to see the City send a bill to the Springers at the end of the season for any short fall in revenue caused by lower than expected attendance at the Frontenac games. The popular break even number seems to be 3500 per game, if the team falls short of that mark the Springers should ante up. City Hall and the local media has to turn the heat up on the Springers to sell the team."

"It's to the point now where you have to ask the question, do they WANT the fans to stay away? It's painfully obvious to anyone with even a modicum of common sense, that the fans of Kingston are sick and tired of Larry Mavety, and won't be attending games so long as he's around. But yet Springer refuses to do the right thing ... the common sense thing.

"You want a new tenant at the Krock Pot, then don't spend a dime at the rink (not even the ATM machine, which they get 50% of revenue). Then, perhaps they'll go bankrupt & the City can then say goodbye to the Frontenac organization. Here is the contract between the City & Frontenacs. Read the whole thing & see where you can make a difference in the team going bankrupt. Bankruptcy is the only way I can see Kingston getting a new tenant. Cut & paste this url & have a look."

"... I used to love watching OHL hockey. Now, Springer and Mavety have gotten me to the point that I'm beginning to loathe even turning on the television to view a game."

"Anybody think (Sunday's 4-1 win over Guelph) this is a sign of a turnaround? (Goalie Mavric) Parks had to make waaaay too many miracle saves for me to see this as anything other than one of the many John Murray wins we had last year."

"Well, today's outcome saved Larry Mavety's job for the next twenty or so games. After all, Springer only expects mediocrity from his team. One win in 8 games sounds about right. Mavety should get down on his knees and thank Parks for that performance today."

"20th PP ... 20th PK ... 7 Game losing skid....and counting

"Where in hockey do you see stats like that with NO changes? And they wonder why people in Kingston won't support the team.

"Let the 'Jerry Springer Show' continue..."
(Editor's note: "NO changes?" Taking the 'A' off Josh Brittain and having Jesse Brown on a new line every game does not count?
"Fronts are playing 20/20 hockey ... 20th PK, 20th PP How bad does it have to get until Springer wakes up? Kingston needs a coach like (the Kingston Voyaguers') Evan Robinson who holds his players accountable. You don't skate you don't play! One way Kang, I never shut up Moon and others would never see the ice. Springer, please for the fans of this city stop thinking you know how to run a hockey team and Mav, stop thinking you know how to coach a hockey team, step aside and let someone who does. Windsor did it, why not Kingston?"

"This is a most unhealthy environment for young athletes to try to develop their careers and if my son was one of them, I'd want him out of there toot sweet."

"I have no problem with how the Springers run their business but what I do object to is being so disingenuous to the taxpayers and the fans ... .They are responsible for Mavety and all the other mistakes that have taken place including making public pronunciations of doing whatever is necessary to make this team a winner. Doug you set the bar and you are responsible for this collossal mess. Fixing it is simple. Hire a top notch hockey people to run the organization and step away."
Say this much: Following the Belleville Bulls is nowhere near as entertaining.

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Duane Rollins said...

Say this much: Following the Belleville Bulls is nowhere near as entertaining.

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