Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Snark break ...

How's the weather down there, Sens fans?

A.J. Burnett, Red Sox or Yankee?

Diego Maradona wants the English to to get over the "Hand of God" goal. They will right around the time Argentina gets over the Falklands War.

Remember when the Senators' biggest problem was a modestly talented goalie with a malfunctioing alarm clock? Those were the days.

It's a mouthful, but you might want to commit it to memomy ... Baseball Digest Daily says the MVP Award should be MVPinASWSCfC — "Most Valuable Player in August and September With Special Consideration for Clutchability."

Claude Lemieux is playing hockey in China. He's already planning to dive off the Great Wall.

Apparently Brett Favre once said that the Calgary Stampeders' Henry Burris had the strongest arm he'd ever seen. Brett wasn't being modest — you never see yourself throw when you heave it blindly downfield.

Ashley Judd, watching the Kentucky Wildcats get curb-stomped by North Carolina. No doubt that's a beautiful sight if you're a Tar Heels fan.

The above is of dubious worth, but this is worth noting:

  • Four days until a Colbert Christmas.
  • Remember Stephen Curry, the son of former Raptor Dell Curry, who led tiny Davidson to college basketball's Elite Eight last March? He scored 44 points vs. Oklahoma last night.

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eyebleaf said...

I hope AJ doesn't let the door hit him on the way out. Frankly, I'm intrigued about him going to either the Red Sox or Yankees. Hell, even the Orioles. As a Jays fan, I want to face him. A lot. I want to beat him.