Thursday, November 13, 2008

Portrait of the coach as 'mad artist'

Author Michael Lewis (he wrote this thing called Moneyball — ever heard of it?) was early getting on the Mike Leach/Texas Tech bandwagon, and he shared some thoughts on the coach whose team, honestly, has been the most fun to watch in college football since Reggie Bush was at USC:
"Mike Leach is sitting there almost like a birdwatcher, waiting for something to happen so he can think about what that means. And the players, they feel like they’ve walked into the funhouse. They come out of high school and all of a sudden then find themselves on 4th and 16 in their own territory and the coach is sending in a play. It liberates the players.

"... if he had gone to say, U.S.C., 10 years ago and installed his system there, it would be comical. He would score every time - and he would have a defense by default because he would get great athletes.
Just wait until the A-11 offence starts taking the NCAA by storm in about 10 years.


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Andrew Bucholtz said...

Agreed on the most fun to watch. Texas Tech has captivated my interest in American college football, which I didn't really care much about before.