Friday, November 14, 2008

Philly's gain is Montreal's loss...maybe

A couple weeks ago, I reported the rumour that the Philly MLS franchise, which was awarded for the 2010 season, might be in jeopardy. Due to financial difficulties of one of the main backers of the bid, it was speculated that Philly's spot would be bumped back a year and that another group would be awarded the '10 spot.

Since Montreal was seen as the most "game ready" of MLS expansion bids, the thinking was that it would be the Impact that would make the jump.

One thing that was pointed to as evidence of Philly's problems was the lack of movement on the stadium construction site.

Well, it appears that a groundbreaking will finally happen on the site Dec. 1.

Whether that means that all is well for 2010 -- it's never been suggested that Philly wasn't going to get a team, just that it would be delayed--is still up in the air, but it would seem to illustrate that the earlier rumours were likely just that--rumours.

Somewhat related: A Portland website takes the piss out of Seattle supporters. Take a look at the difference between the two crowds and ask yourself what it means that Portland isn't coming into MLS and Seattle is.

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