Friday, October 10, 2008


I don't wish to get all political, but anyone that has ever flicked around the radio dial while driving through the United States knows how damn scary the experience can be.

Crackpot doesn't begin to do justice to many of the voices you hear (mostly on the right, which is not to suggest there aren't wacko lefties out there too). They spout out whatever hateful crap they feel like while appealing to the most cynical, disgusting base that you can imagine. Although I am a big proponent of absolute free speech--it's better to have ugly attitudes exposed for the world to see than to sweep them away to protect delicate ears--I do find it sad that the loud mouths usually end up profiting from their stupidity.

We live in a society where a teenage girl can be suspended from high school for saying the word "vagina," but you can make a living by suggesting that Magic Johnson "faked AIDS" for sympathy.

And that's just sad.

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Mike said...

I couldn't believe that they said! Good pt Duane they do have a lot of "crackpots" who just spew anything and everything off the top of their heads, I hope for shock value! (and yes on both sides, we just hear about the right more).

Wondering what the reprocussions are going to be here, I don't think this one will be allowed to slide...

(on a sidenote it's funny how much South Park gets away with when you really think about it - but I think they just present it in a better way so they rarely as much negative flack as the radio guys do...and they tend to present both sides of the argument as well, so I guess that helps as well!)

Tyler King said...

Rush Limbaugh still outdraws all the whiny leftists by an insurmountable margin.

sager said...

That raises four questions, Tyler.

Yeah? And? So? What?

No one said anything about Limbaugh, whom I daresay has more of a gift for irony and rhetoric in his pinky finger than all of the talk-radio twits who rip off his act.

I'll defend to the death their right to be ignorant, but there's no denying their colossal ignorance.

Anonymous said...

So Tyler, you are saying in so many other words that America is indeed a nation of "ditto-heads"?
Perhaps that's why the US finds itself in the glorious mess it is in today.
And BTW, the epitome of the talk-show "twits" Neate was talking about is one Micheal Savage, real name Micheal appropriate.
This is the clown who claims that there is no such thing as autism, that is all a hoax perpetrated by lazy parents.
A real deep thinker, that Mike.
It's a sad commentary that air polluters like him command sizable audiences in the millions.
One can only hope that most people listen for the perverse entertainment of hearing a raving lunatic spew his nonsensical bile....alas, I suspect there are a lot of like minded folk out there and it's scary.