Friday, October 10, 2008

Then why does it have the bowl? Why does it have the bowl?

There are times in life when you see something so stunning that there's barely even any point in commenting on it, plus other, better blogs have it already ...

"Yes, NHL, a has-been band (in your employ, no less) just misplaced the greatest icon of your game, setting the Stanley Cup upside-down on a table." -- With Leather
Going Five Hole has more. Thing is, there is no point in going on about how the entertainment should not have been allowed to touch the Cup, even if it was a replica. This possibly never happens if the NHL had found a band from this century whose members have a passing familiarity with hockey. Our mythological CanRock frontman -- let's call him Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip -- might raise the Cup over his head in a gesture of showmanship, but he would know what side is down.

And the NHL looks tragically unhip, but that's nothing new, so why bother pointing it out?

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Greg said...

Just so I have this clear; the NHL kicked off its season after it already kicked off its season; it had a (once) well known band play in Detroit, home of the defending champs (does that city really need to engage hockey fans anymore? I mean, really, it's Hockeytown, no?); it had Alanis play in Montreal (on a night when there was no game, in city where they're celebrating the team's 100th anniversary and is a Cup favourite — again, do we need to drum up hockey fans in MONTREAL!?); it allowed its most hallowed piece of hardware to be placed upside on (semi)national TV. Ever wonder why people in, say, Phoenix or Tampa or Atlanta have never heard of the NHL?