Sunday, October 12, 2008

The time of inaction is long past

Canada's 2010 World Cup hopes officially died this Thanksgiving weekend, but it's pretty clear just who is the real turkeys.
"Dear CSA: You tried. I know. I'm fully prepared to believe everyone on Metcalfe Street is concerned about the situation, and wishes things could be better. What you completely fail to understand – always – is that the mess cannot be fixed by the structure that created it, and that all of you are part of that structure.

"If you were a government, you would have fallen. If you were running a business, the shareholders would have voted in a new slate of directors. However much you talk about reform, you fail to grasp that the first and most important reform is removing all of you from power.

"... It is time for the players to speak up ... I don't personally think these mini revolts hurt the team at all last night. If anything, it must be a relief to know the word is getting out.

"... Everyone who has covered this team has a memory filled with off-the-record player grumbling about CSA incompetence. It's time for the players to put it all on the record.
Our resident soccer guys, who are able to spend the holiday weekend with family and friends (must be nice), will probably have more to say over Monday and Tuesday.

Time to abolish the CSA (Ben Knight, On Soccer)

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