Monday, October 27, 2008

Snark break... Mike Singletary not the only '85 Bear with a fight on his hands

It's better not to get into why, as a sports nut, Serious Issues seem less important than picayune little things. "Hey, the loonie just fell below 78 cents US." ... "Yes, but did you see that Jim McMahon's old college has never put him in their sports hall of fame, even though -- as his 72-year-old father points out in an open letter to the school's athletic director -- he is in the College Football Hall of Fame, set 57 NCAA records and was an all-America twice?"

Who outside of the great state of Utah* knew that Jim McMahon wasn't in Brigham Young University's sports hall of fame, until 30 minutes ago? Who knew BYU had a sports hall of fame? Don't answer those. There is a grave injustice to be corrected.

McMahon Sr. claims is that his son, a non-Mormon, ruffled some feathers during his time in Provo, Utah -- hard to imagine, considering what your image probably is of the punky QB. Toward the end of his run, the school made a rule that you had to have completed a degree to be in the BYU Hall -- and right after the punky QB's last college game, he was suspended from school and finished nine credits short of graduation. Other players who did not graduate -- it's major-college football -- have surely been inducted. It's major college football. There would be no Halls of Fame if graduation was a requirement.

It might seem like a "who cares?" sort of thing. It does mean that if you ever saw a clip from the 1980 Holiday Bowl on YouTube, though, you have been contributing to the Big Lie.

Think about that! (Using Coldplay to score a dramatic Hail Mary touchdown pass? The crazy thing is it works.)

Other one-liners:

More headlines that cannot be written: "Charles Dubin — dead at 87, forever associated with '88."

Shaun Alexander is back in the NFL for a reason -- so Deion Sanders could call him the "Tiptoe Burglar." It just sounds worse than it is.

Again, on some level, Tampa Bay Rays fans do come of like turnip truckers in that whole story about obnoxious Phillies fans. Of course no one should throw food at a nine-year-old. That's just stupid. What else did you expect, though?

This post is worth nothing ... this is worth noting:

  • The latest in the David Frost trial, not for the faint of heart.
  • Be ready to see Marvin Harrison possibly leaving the Indianapolis Colts.
  • A Tyler Holmes update: The Ottawa native's Tulsa Golden Hurricane are 8-0 after a 30-point win over Central Florida that was broadcast on ESPN. The Tulsa World has video -- you can see No. 78 at left tackle pop up in a couple clips, including one at the 3:15 mark where he springs the Tulsa QB, David Johnson, for a huge gain.
  • Cracked has "excerpts" of Miley Cyrus' memoir.

  • In the OHL, the Peterborough Petes might trade Trevor Cann to Windsor ... wouldn't that make 6-foot-8 Zack Missaien the starter?
(McMahon link via RosenBlog.)

(* It only gets this designation because it became a state on Jan. 4, which is my birthday, plus "Utahns" -- not Utahans -- is just cool to type.)

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Anonymous said...

BYU has standards! Get over it! He won a Super Bowl too but that don't cut it there! He had to win at least 10 with one arm behind his back and scramble on stilts.