Friday, October 03, 2008

Snark break ... Al Davis is getting old, Raiders jokes won't till next week

Two million people have watched a Human League video on YouTube ... we are officially doomed as a species.

Warren Sapp says, "Al Davis knows football -- it's just '60s and '70s football." In fairness, that's all Al can remember at this point.

During a lull in the Dodgers-Cubs game TBS' Dick Stockton said, "The Boys and Girls Clubs of America are the official charity of Major League Baseball." No, that would be the Cubs infield.

If Luke Schenn stays with the Leafs, won't he still be playing for a junior hockey team? Cliff Fletcher describes himself as a Republican, so yeah, he can live with a 27% approval rating.

Mets general manager Omar Minaya getting a contract extension to 2012 -- which is about the time the Washington Nationals will have recovered from the damage he did to the franchise when he was running the Expos.

Taylor Hall has scored or set up 10 goals already this season. The Kingston Frontenacs team has scored or set up seven. (That's half-scheduling, half-Springer. Remember, they will win tonight at Guelph.)


eyebleaf said...

If Luke Schenn stays with the Leafs, won't he still be playing for a junior hockey team?

(Actually, I'm not impressed. Leafs will challenge for that 8th playoff spot.)

How come you're not up in arms over Minaya getting another shot with the Mets? He's spending a ton of money, his teams underachieve, and they've collapsed two years in a row.

Anonymous said...

Al Davis is to the NFL what JoePa is to the NCAA...and not in a good way.
They used to be legends but now they are just two old coots who didn't have the brains to quit while they were ahead.
Davis especially is just a pathetic caricature of himself.
The only thing he has left from his glory days is that same greasy semi-mullet he always wore.
Since Jon Gruden departed, his Raiders are also a sad caricature.
The last time the Oakland franchise was this bad was in its first three seasons, 1960-62...the only time Davis was not involved with the Raiders.
Davis has become the Harold Ballard of the NFL and the only way the Leafs franchise freed itself from Ballard's tyranny was the old man's passing.
Hate to say it, but Oakland's only chance of salvation will be when old Al just up and dies.