Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Of the Illinois Frontenacs ...

It's just a day in the life with the Limestone City Light Brigade.

Item the first: For reasons bizarre and befuddling, it has come to light that there is a Junior B team in the U.S. called the Illinois Frontenacs -- same godawful logo (only the Circle K deserves to be called a crest). Who knows, maybe junior hockey players get fired up by reading about New France.

Item the second: Among the 20 member OHL teams, only the Fronts and the Erie Otters did not have a player selected to play in the Canada-Russia Hockey Challenge. How brutal is that?

Item the third: Our own Kinger has a birthday today, so many beers should be purchased and poured in his honour. He was born on Oct. 29 -- two days before Halloween and too righteous not to fight for truth.

Anyway, one wonders what's up with that Illinois team using Kingston's logo. Granted, the Junior B team in the States has won three of its four games, a better start than its Eastern Ontario namesakes have had in the past two years. Who should be suing whom?

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