Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Garbage Minutes: the season begins!!!

The season begins in the NBA, and while Fantasy owners begin their smack talk they've been given some extra ammunition - FAR too many negatives following a couple high profile openers in my opinion...

No Country for Old Men! Looking around the blogosphere it's everywhere, is Greg Oden the next Sam Bowie/Ralph Sampson/aging at the rate of John McCain? It's words that no man ever wants to hear, "that's it?"...well that's not what he heard, what he DID hear was "you only lasted 2 and a half minutes (before injury)", coming back a bit but playing a grand total of 12 mins before being removed entirely in the Blazers season opening loss. They say it's a sprain and will have to do some more testing, I say it's unfortunate that Portland ALSO had the unfortunate luck of landing the aforementioned Bowie as well! Portland did come together well last season however sans Oden, so they should be alright this time around too.

More Drama Canada was treated to the 2 premiere match-ups last night in a double header feature as Boston squared off against Cleveland and the Lakers battled Portland. There was plenty of significant happenings as well - Greg Oden's 2nd debut came alongside his 2nd injury, Cleveland showed little signs of progress when it was thought they would (instantly fueling more of the 'Bron 'Bron to the Bronx talk), and Canadians everywhere (outside of Toronto) reveled in the glory of watching it go down....if you're a basketball fan here in TO read Duane's post below, send your thoughts - get it out to Rogers as well - and let's get this whole situation sorted out!

Internet 'Bron I have a feeling this title will be even more recurring than "No Country For Old Men" has already become! As Cleveland struggled right out the gate against the defending champs (as, y'know, they were expected to do), the articles just started piling up about who would have to come to town to appease King Lebron James. As per usual no American born player with a head on his shoulders would ever want to play in Canada (Euro ballers are obviously excused since they don't know any better), and thus the speculation that will likely NEVER die down Chris Bosh is apparently being targeted by the Cavs, according to Yahoo Sports. In the summer it was Bosh to Orlando to play alongside Olympic teammate Dwight Howard.

While it's rather annoying that anytime the Raptors have a franchise player the media down south believes they're destined to flock back to the Motherland, talk of players destined for Cleveland will not stop until James actually does head out to the Bronx to play for his good friend Jay Z's Brooklyn team...stop fighting the inevitable Cleveland, you guys may "rock" but the King has already decreed this will be so!

It begins... The speculation is no more - talk of how the big 3 will operate, Jermaine O'Neal's preparation, even the opening music for this season will be put to rest tonight as the Toronto Raptors face a big contest right off the bat in the Philadelphia 76ers!....alright the music will have to wait as they're playing in Philly - in what I'm sure will be a less than packed season opener due to the rain delayed World Series game reconvening tonight. But nonetheless, a season of high expectations kicks off tonight and a battle many have been trying to figure out, who finishes second in the Atlantic Philly or Toronto, will be given some insight after this contest. This game can be seen on The Score, giving everybody a chance to watch it.

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