Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More competition for Canadian MLS hopefuls

Miami officially entered the race for a MLS team today, just 24 hours ahead of the deadline to submit bids.

So far, in addition to the three Canadian cities, Portland, New York, St. Louis and now Miami have made announcements. There has been some suggestion that Atlanta will also submit a bid, but there has not been any official word of the city's intent.

Originally MLS said it was awarding two teams for 2011, but there is now talk that the league will actually add four teams. No word on whether the teams would have staggered starts.

I'll have more on this tomorrow after the league makes the official announcement.

Atlanta is in the race.


Anonymous said...

I would think the MSL desperately wants a franchise in NYC.
A franchise in New York would put the "major league" in Major League Soccer...at least, that's the conventional wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Err---the MLS already has a franchise in New York. The New York Red Bulls that play at Giant's

It is a second franchise for New York that is being considered.


Duane Rollins said...

Well...a hardcore MLS fan will tell you that the league hasn't really ever had a team in NY...

But yes, this is Cosmos 2.0 they are talking about.