Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ironically, the company Braun would never do this

It's a personal rule not to post anything from YouTube that has been viewed more than 50,000 times (unless it's been seen more than a million times). However, when you see viral marketing run this amuk -- cheesy voiceover, ninth-grade sexual innuendos -- "everything's going between their legs!" -- you make an exception. It also has a semi-anonymous ballplayerwho just happens has the same name as one a competing company, and a supermodel.

One friend's reaction -- and he is a redblooded appreciator of blondes, baseball and beer -- was: "Who's Ryan Braun? And who's Marisa Miller?" Idle Seamhead thought: And what happens if the Milwaukee Brewers trade Prince Fielder and move Braun to first base next spring? That commercial will be very dated, as if it didn't already seem like it was out of another decade.

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Anonymous said...

What a poorly executed rundown! It just bothers me that ballplayers can't stick to the fundamentals and keep it in their pants. What a choke job! Those beer bellied bastards had that game in the win column!