Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Garbage Minutes: A full court press of awesome!

Alright so I'm going to start this up, try to keep tabs on what's going on in the Hoops world. This will try and cover topics of interest (or interesting topics, whatever your fancy!) in the world of the round ball. From the emo to the awesome - and a lot of Raps coverage thrown in the mix - get yo' fix here!

High School Musical 4: Euroballin' NBA Commissioner David Stern is trying ever so hard to get the minimum age limit raised for players coming in after leaving college, which likely will allow for more and more talented high schoolers out of the States to take a European vacation (Euro players can enter still at age 19). It's not like Europe snagging players is of any concern to the NBA these days, right...? Stern, in his obvious efforts to save a buck on paying superstars far longer than the Association ever has in the past, won't accomplish anything though until those exuberant guaranteed contracts coming out of the draft are abolished. While stopping the "one and done" is nice, "two and done" doesn't really help much when a player still gets around $5M guaranteed right off the bat! But that's something that will be touched upon in the looming Strike of '11, stayed tuned...

YouTube + Lakers = SUCCESS! I tell you Lakers players and YouTube mix so well together they should have some new drink named after them! 'Twas a rainy day when Andrew Bynum appeared in a club, a weird happenstance really considering that he still hasn't signed a contract extension yet. However this all gets explained when you find out it was his birthday yesterday, and I guess this guy is what they would call a "Balla" (unless you're Kobe of course, then he's just simply 'temporarily acceptable playing unit' or something along those lines...). It's already been deadspinned but it's definitely worth checking out anyhow

No Country for Old Men There was really a bounty on the head of Greg Oden?? Yes, apparently it's true players around the Association have started gunning for Oden, willing to pay up to $1000 to any of their teammates who can dunk on the most hyped Center since Big Diesel to enter the NBA! At least Oden doesn't mind, takes it as a compliment according to Blazers blog Center Court. But hey if I sat out my first anticipated season due to injury and came back to this kind of reaction I'd be loving my life as well! The best part of this whole situation is that it's brought up discussions on the merit of drunking on someone, of which Oden tried to explain even at his own expense:

"I mean, I was in the vicinity," said Oden. "I’ve had this argument a lot. When you’re in the vicinity; if you’re in the picture, you got dunked on."

It ain't easy being green Whether it's lasting scars or foreshadowing a Final Showdown that just about...well, every analyst is already predicting, the L.A. Lakers Sasha Vujacic has sworn off wearing green all season long and apparently, he's standing by it too!

Il Mago 4: This Time, it's personal! The Toronto Raptors have picked up the option on Andrea Bargnani for the fourth year, to the simultaneous cheers and groans from the Raps fanbase. For those not rejoicing, they'll be glad to know that they won't get to see him all the time anyhow thanks to TSN2

Does this mean Kobe is a scientologist then? A new Guitar Hero commercial has Kobe Bryant looking awfully Mic Jagger-esque alongside Michael Phelps, Tony Hawk and A-Rod in one bizarre slumber party. Yikes...

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