Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Hec of a debate

Forgive me for linking an Neate article written on another site back to his own site, but since he won't likely do it...

Over at the CIS Blog, Our Glourious Leader does a great job of breaking down the Hec Crighton (outstanding player in CIS football) candidates. The Hec--as all the CIS geeks cool cats refer to it as--is always controversial (among the previously mentioned group of people, anyway) in that it often goes to the player with the best stats rather than the best player period. The best stats are almost always put up by an OUA player, what with the York, Toronto and Waterloo defences to "deal" with each year (it also always goes to the best offensive skill position player, but that's a debate that transcends the CIS, isn't it?).

There is no point going over the same material here as Neate does in the linked article. But, let's just say that the complainers have a point when they call the Hec the "OUA Consolation Award." It's a bit unforgivable that the best team in CIS football over the last near decade, Laval, has yet to have a player win one. So, it says here it should be BenoƮt Groulx's.

But, Mike Giffin will win it because the voters never learn.


Tyler King said...

If Giffin wins it based on a couple of 200 yard games against York and Toronto, when he had less than 70 against Western... and Groulx doesn't.... gaaaaah.

Duane Rollins said...

Two words Tyler:

Daryl. Stephenson.

Mike said...

Good write-up sager! And yes Duane agreed, likely going to continue going the same way as usual with the winner of the Giffin-Sacobie sweepstakes claiming the Hec. I hope it's not the case this season, really do hope it's not so easily predictable as it generally always is...

Anonymous said...

It is a real shame that giffin is being painted in this light. I've heard about the stats padder games against york and U of T but what about:

143yds and 2TD's against MAC whose defense ranks 8th in the country in yards allowed.

300 all purpose yards and 2TD's against Guelph.

140 yards and a TD against Laurier who this site has ranked 12th in the Country.

Say what you will that Benoit should be the Hec winner and yes he should get some votes, but don't cloud what Mike Giffin has done for the Golden Gaels. You can promote one player without tearing down another.