Monday, October 06, 2008

GoldenWatch 2008: K-Rock gets it right

An update in our ongoing quest to get the Kingston media to return to referring to our beloved Golden Gaels by the name that the Athletics Department itself admits is its official name:

This morning, K-Rock 105.7's morning newsman Tony Orr began referring to the team as the "Golden Gaels", remarking that it was, in fact, their actual name, and that the phrase had not become as verboten as the rest of the media might have you think.

I, for one, welcome the legendary Kingston broadcaster to the ranks of the rational in Kingston. One down, the rest of them to go.

The Whig-Standard unfortunately has taken a step backwards. Fresh off of reporting that the team's official name was Golden Gaels, the paper has continued to refer to them as the Queen's Gaels. So they're referring to them by a name they themselves reported was not the actual team name.

Baby steps, I suppose.


sager said...

The rest of them to go where?

Point being, though, the key to winning hearts and minds in K-town has always gone through Tony Orr. The Greeks knew it. The Carthaginians knew it. Now Tyler knows it.

P.S. Kingston media folk do have e-mail addresses, where they might react better to this sort of thing.

[/plausible deniability'd]

Jordie Dwyer said...

LOL...then again, when did you ever meet a sports writer that actually took the time out to do REAL research when the press release will do... :)

Andrew Bucholtz said...

Great Simpsons reference... one of my all-time favourite lines.

Tyler King said...

First you'll need a declaration of war. I've got one here, just have to change the name from "Otto von Bismarck" to "Neate Sager"...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Tyler work for K-Rock? Isn't this just a shameless plug for one of his employers?

Tyler King said...

It's a loose definition of "work". this Mike Grobe?

Michael Grobe said...

Tyler - I would never post anonymous. If I have something to say, I'd say it to you. Don't you know that by now?

But "anonymous" does raise a valid point - you do work for K-Rock.

sager said...

The real important question -- does Tony Orr still do "Tony Orr Unplugged."

To me, his cover of Jumpin'
Jack Flash
is definitive.

(I think Tyler was kidding.)