Monday, October 13, 2008

Finally! Good news for a Canadian soccer team

For the second time in three years and the seventh in club history (includes play in USL-1, NASL and CSL), the Vancouver Whitecaps are champions.

The 'Caps captured the USL-1 title with a 2-1 win over Puerto Rico in Vancouver Sunday.

It's moments like this that it becomes clear that the Whitecaps deserve to be awarded a MLS franchise (deserve and "are gonna get" are two very different things). The team, which has survived the folding of two leagues, is as close as you can get to a football institution in this country. An argument can be made that the Whitecaps are the only club left that can trace itself directly back to the NASL -- that's something to be proud of.

Who knows whether the 'Caps will get the MLS nod for 2011. But, if they don't it won't be Vancouver that is losing out.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Great to see. The Whitecaps had a tremendous team this year: I got to see five of their games in person this summer, and was quite impressed by the lineup they were able to field. This is terrific timing, as well: this championship gets them back in the news in Vancouver and brings some more attention to the MLS bid. It's been a great year for Canada's USL teams, with Vancouver claiming the championship and Montreal doing so well in CONCACAF: too bad Toronto FC and the national side have had worse luck.

Jordie Dwyer said...

Too bad a good chunk of the Impact and the Whitecaps can't play for Canada's national side...then we might be able to win a qualifier let alone score more than a goal per game.