Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snark break... oh my freakin' ears

At the rate he's going, Chad Ocho Cinco won't have a jersey to put his new name on.

A feeble-minded attempt at headline-writing for The Onion: "Congress seeks bailout for sports blogs in wake of Matt Millen resignation."

One possiblity: The Washington Nationals.

Have the Chicago White Sox, whose AL Central lead is down to a half-game, asked the Twins to join them in suspending their season?

(Ex-Lions coach Steve Mariucci went to town on Millen.)

There was no advertising signage on the boards during the Leafs' game at Pittsburgh last night. For once, the Leafs' play wasn't the only reason the game looked like something out of the early 1980s.

The Claude Lemieux comeback story might make sense. He didn't finish off Kris Draper.

A fraud artist has pled guilty to several scams, included a few where he pretended to where he pretended to be ex-Hab St├ęphane Richer. They knew he wasn't the real Richer when they say him play in a beer-league game and actually backcheck.

Does anyone the CBC erred by using the word "deafening" Hockey Anthem Challenge? (Picture Norm Macdonald on the late '90s SNL: "Note to self: Go deaf.")

Joking about the former Nebraska Cornhuskers running back Thunder Collins being arrested for murder are out today.

It's just too sad a story -- Nebraska football, that is.


Dennis Prouse said...

We think Claude Lemieux's comeback attempt is a great idea!

Yours sincerely,

Jim Palmer, Sugar Ray Leonard and Mark Spitz

Andrew Bucholtz said...

I want to see this, just for Lemieux-Draper II...

eyebleaf said...

claude's on crack

Dennis Prouse said...

Little known fact - Rocket Richard toyed with the notion of a comeback with the St. Louis Blues in 1967. At that point, he was 46, and had been out of the game for seven seasons. Thankfully, it never went anywhere.

You have to feel badly for Lemieux, who clearly has not made the adjustment and has not found anything fulfilling in his life to replace pro hockey. It's tough to walk away from the greatest gig a guy could ever have. As my wife always tells me anytime I complain about an athlete hanging on too long, "If that was you, they would have to drag you out of the dressing room kicking and screaming."

Hopefully one of his old teammates will talk some sense into him before he goes out and humiliates himself in an ECHL game.