Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Singing the Blues

Today has to be considered a great day for CIS football fans right across Canada! Following the end of the longest losing streak in CIS history, there was coverage in really every major news outlet across the country! (you had to dig a bit for the National Post, but it was there too!)

Today, before our weekly meeting at work, while recapping our long weekends I said how I had caught the Blues game, and it actually snagged the attention of everyone in the room. There were both men and women, of a pretty wide range of ages, and they all knew about the Blues victory. And then someone said something I never thought I'd even hear many hardcore CIS fans say: "Man you're so lucky, that's so great that you were there I wish I was there!"

Who wishes they were at a U of T Football game....EVER??? This victory may very well be that injection the CIS needed to bring back interest here in Hogtown. With all the talk of the mass complacency within Toronto for Canadian football and Canadian sports in general -- let alone CIS ball -- I was honestly surprised with the sudden interest from so many people as they jumped all over this newstory. While it could easily be ignored as an amateur Canadian product not worthy of attention, it turned into one of the stories of the day.

It's also funny that Neate made mention below about Sportsnet borrowing my footage after leaving early because they actually did! -- and CTV Newsnet did as well! Unfortunately I was in said meeting mentioned earlier when they had tried to get in touch with me, they wanted interviews with people at the game last night. While it would've been nice to give a little praise to the Blues effort to the national media my footage graced the real tube alongside its spot on 'OurTube,' and that's pretty great!

But anyways here's the game-winning Field Goal, enjoy!

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