Monday, September 22, 2008

Kenton Keith to the Cats OR Save Jesse!

The rumour mill circulating around Kenton Keith landing back in the CFL has heated up more this past weekend, and it appears it could come to a head today. Both the CP and TSN cite sources who claim a deal having Keith sign with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be ratified at some point...well, any minute now, as the announce was to come this afternoon!

On paper the Tabbies do not need the assistance they have a more than capable backfield, however that paper does not translate well since Jesse Lumsden has once again been on and off this season. Whether it is true or not there have been some rumblings here and there that the Ti-Cats would have no issues with cutting ties with Lumsden after this season, hopefully packaging him off for someone else to help improve the team. A signing of Keith surely won't dismiss the idea, and that's bad news for Lumsden - and Canadian football fans as well as players in general!

Lumsden became one of the faces of the CFL this season, something that has not happened to a Canadian born and then CIS trained player since...hmm, so if a trivia nut out there could help me that would be much appreciated, because honestly I can't remember when it happened last! It's important for Canadians within the CFL that players like Lumsden maintains success. If injuries continue to hijack his career - and possibly end it prematurely - you just have to wonder whether or not a GM will take the chance on a CIS superstar in the future.

My hopes are that Lumsden can return to form and keep his high profile status, remain a poster boy for the CFL and attract more and more Canadian fans to the League. However news like a Keith signing may be a sign that the tides are changing, if not taking Jesse completely out to sea. Even if this is nothing more than a rumour it's likely not the best news for our CIS champion who cracked the big league to our hearts delight. Get better Jesse, and make the CFL remember exactly what you can do and how important you are!

Keith to join Ticats (Globe and Mail)
Ti-Cats agree to three-year deal with Keith (


sager said...

To say nothing what it means for Mike Giffin from Queen's.

It's too bad. It's understandable where the Ticats are coming from (see Perry Lefko's story.

However, it's the Canadian Football League, not the CLAF, the Canadian League of American Football. It would be good to see a Canadian quarterback, featured running back.

Far as this cowboy is concerned, every time some team gives the reins to a NFL castoff, it does the game a disservice. The talent in Canada is improving, but seriously, if the CFL wants to define itself as unique and Canadian, let's see some Canadians in those glamour spots — or some Americans who really embrace being here.

Anonymous said...

Talent-wise, Jesse Lumsden has what it takes to be a superstar in the CFL.
He is a dynamic, game breaking back who can lift the crowd at I Never Win Stadium out of their seats.
Problem is, for a big, tough RB, he's as fragile as a porcelain doll.
Honestly, he's spent more time in the infirmary already in his fledgling career than Evel Kneivel did in his entire life.
OK, I exaggerate a bit...but only a bit.
Guys like Lumsden who constantly get injured eventually wear the patience of management, no matter how prodigious their talent.
If Lumsden could just find a way to stay healthy, then he's got a bright future.
If not, his career will be remembered for its meteoric rise and fall.
And that would be a shame.

Mike said...

So it appears that Lefko beat me to the punch! Well I guess it's alright, I mean there's more than one story to be written, and besides I didn't see his article beforehand so I thikn I'm cool with this write-up :)

I saw Jesse start his career at MAC - and actually played against him in High School - and from what I've seen over time it really wasn't until he started seriously beefing up around 2 year university that the persistent injuries kicked in. I've always wondered if he over-trained, maybe he did...

I hope that if this IS the end of Lumsden's days in Steeltown that he's given the chance to flourish elsewhere - he can be a star on really any team in the CFL

sager said...

The CP was giving Lefko credit for the scoop so I just figured I'd link to him.

Dennis Prouse said...

I like Lumsden as much as anyone, but you simply can't build a team around a guy who can't stay healthy. Rich Stubler referenced this issue in training camp with the Argos when he said that he wanted a feature back who, first and foremost, could stay in the lineup every week. It's a little harsh in that running back is the toughest position to play in the game for injuries. (There is a reason why most of them are done by age 30.) Jesse, though, is very Dunigan-esque in that he seems to have a new boo-boo every week. Even in the games he plays he takes a few series out, wincing on the sidelines as he tries to deal with yet another ding. It gets old after a while.