Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bleeding Tricolour: Gee-Gees vs. Golden Gaels take to the air

There will be a little extra incentive for Queen's to get a crowd out on Thanksgiving weekend -- The Score is coming for the Oct. 11 home date against the Ottawa Gee-Gees.

The network had left weeks 7 and 8 of the OUA schedule open, but since this one at the very least will have a first-round bye at stake, it's a good call.

Queen's sports communications officer Michael Grobe confirmed that the University Rush game was on. (It had been speculated about online. It would also mean that The Score has been to Richardson Stadium twice before it goes to TD Waterhouse Stadium for the first time this season, but uh, yeah, don't make a big out of that until after Saturday's showdown.

It would also be the second TV appearance for the Gee-Gees, who were on Sept. 13.

As noted, Thanksgiving weekend has typically been tough for getting fans out to Richardson Stadium, since understandably most students go home. Queen's will be really have to ramp up its efforts to pack the alumni side of the stadium.

As for which game it will show on Oct. 18, the final The Score is keeping that locked down tighter than the formula for Coca-Cola.


Duane Rollins said...

...and if things play out the way you would expect in the OUA that No 3 v No. 6 game might not be an easy touch.

UWO 8-0
Ott 7-1
Queen's 7-1
Guelph 4-4

I suspect Guelph is the team that the "big three" would like to avoid in a quarterfinal. And the MAC result last week made a sixth place Guelph finish a likely possibility (since both WLU and MAC have the tie-breaker on them, Guelph has to either upset Western on the final week to go 5-3 or hope that Windsor gets by MAC--in that case the Lancers would likely force things into a three way tie with MAC or WLU/Guelph and themselves.

Duane Rollins said...

Whoops...forgot to factor the UWO/Queen's game from this weekend. We've got to get that result before we really know what we are talking about.

Anonymous said...

It will be the third appearance on The score for Ottawa. The OCT 4 game vs WLU at LP is also on.

Drats , now I have to decide if I wish to make the drive to Kingston and back, or just watch the game on TV.

Tyler King said...

Wow... considering the Score cameras aim from the press box right at the (soon-to-be-completely-empty) student stands, that's going to be a bit embarrassing/revealing on national TV.

sager said...

For the 2002 OUA semi-final and the Laurier game last year, The Score's cameras were aimed at the alumni stands.

Point being, Queen's should pull the stops out to get a good-sized crowd -- and no doubt they'll have a line open on camera positions.

Anonymous said...

You guys in Kingston are getting strange. First you change the team's name when nobody seemed to have trouble with the old one. Now you are worried to be embarassed on TV with empty seats. As if we haven't seen empty seats on televised CIS games before.

Okay,I will help out by going ; with my Gee Gees colours though.

If you are real worried, take down all Queen's signage. Put the cameras on the small knot of Ottawa fans often. Reverse the home and away uniforms of the teams. Have the Score announce that the game is coming from Lansdowne Park. Seeing empty seats at LP is considered normal and with uOttawa on the field in their home outfits, viewers will buy it and youn guys won't feel embarassed.

Sheesh! OF

sager said...

Very well-played, other than Queen's not having "home" or "away" uniforms to reverse.