Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's all part of our rock-and-roll fantasy

Just to whet the appetite for Chuck Klosterman's debut novel Downtown Owl, he did a Q&A with RandBall.

Among other things, he dodged the question of creating a clever name for a fantasy sports team, but did it in a creative way.
RB: Creating clever fantasy football team names has replaced creating clever band names as an idle past-time for 20-something males. Discuss.

CK: No idea. I don’t understand the question. But here’s my new plan: I want to start a band that only plays cover versions of songs that tell narrative stories about how the group itself started, such as Boston’s Rock and Roll Band, Bryan Adams’ Summer of ‘69, and that one good single by Art Brut. However, we could only play one gig.
It's unfortunate that Klosterman didn't want to get into it — maybe he just doesn't do the fantasy-league thing, or doesn't want to admit to such nerdish leanings.

(It won't be long until Good Enough 4 Odessa is rolling through the Rockhard Fantasy League season. There will not be obsessive posts about this ... and that can be put in a certificant that you can frame.

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