Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fronts: Drawing a line in the ice

The most noteworthy part of the 4-1 defeat at Peterborough was that owner Doug Springer was specific about the team's goal.

Springer, during a second-intermission interview with the triple-layer cake awesome Jim Gilchrist, said that the Frontenacs' goal is to "have home-ice advantage" in the playoffs. That means a top four finish in the OHL's Leastern Conference.

At least one thing is known about the Frontenacs, even if that isn't who's going to wear the C.

There's a former Frontenac who is a captain in the OHL -- Ben Shutron has been named captain of the Kitchener Rangers. In a lot of major junior hockey markets, naming a captain at least makes for an extra story in the paper and more publicity, but the Fronts really aren't about trying to stoke public interest. (Obviously, you don't name a captain just to get publicity.)

As for the game itself, it's best to stay on the right side of the Red Fisher rule -- "my favourite four-letter word is fair." It was only the first game out of 68 in a developmental league, eh. Goalie Anthony Peters, who broke his ankle last Nov. 25 when struck by a vehicle at a crosswalk and missed the final 3½ months of the season, stopped 32-of-36 shots. That's a moral victory for him.

Ethan Werek had no points in and was minus-1 in his debut, not that you can take much from one game.

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