Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fronts: Capturing the spirit of Bochek's booting

Fronts Talk has been relatively alight since word spread yesterday that the Springer Frontenacs had jettisoned fan favourite Kyle Bochek ("If this is indeed true then men in white coats should be taking Mavety away. That would be one of the most bizarre moves by a club that seems intent on creating their own bizarro world" -- chuckie2).

The Saginaw Spirit have added Bochek in exchange for a seventh-round draft choice. This mean's there's a happy ending -- for Bochek, not for Frontenacs fans. When will there ever be?

Bochek could bang and crash with anyone. He was a borderline Joe Bagadonuts, the earnest player of limited ability, but who you had to love, because he kept a bad team from being totally drab and futile.

(Fair is fair -- three overage forwards on one team is seldom seen in the OHL, unless a team is absolutely loaded for bear. "Absolutely loaded for bear" is also one word and one vowel off the ideal state for being a steadfast Frontenacs fan. The Fronts' complement of overagers will include Matt Kang . The line on him is sure, he can score 30 or 40 goals just by lacing up his skates, but to hear people tell it, none of that has even been a net positive to his team.)

Saginaw adds Kyle Bochek (Terry Doyle, Loose Pucks)

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