Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CIS Corner: Gaels' Ukwuoma, GGs' Cornell among top 10 prospects

The CFL has its eye on a couple footballers hailing from The 613 -- Queen's rush end Osie Ukwuoma and the Ottawa Gee-Gees linebacker Mike Cornell.

The league, which certainly has a vested interest in calling attention to Canadian-born and -bred talent, has started releasing a Top Ten list ranking the top amateur football players currently playing in the CIS. Cornell and Ukwuoma were both on the initial list released today, which you can ready after the jump.

The list is compiled by the CFL's amateur scouting bureau. It's always good just have some grist for the mill, and good on the league for calling attention to where many of the league's players are coming from -- especially the forever unsung offensive lineman. The University of Alberta's Simeon Rottier already looks good in green and gold, so it's not hard to imagine him wearing it for the Edmonton Eskimos.

The list is of players who are eligible for the league's combine next season, so a fifth-year player would not be considered:

  1. Simeon Rottier, offensive line, Alberta
  2. Matt Morencie, offensive line, Windsor
  3. Jamall Lee, running back, Bishop's
  4. Scott McHenry, slotback, Saskatchewan
  5. Étienne Légaré, defensive line, Laval
  6. Matt Carter, slotback, Acadia
  7. Steve Myddelton, offensive line, St. Francis Xavier
  8. Dylan Steenbergen, offensive line, Calgary
  9. Mike Cornell, outside linebacker, Ottawa
  10. Osie Ukwuoma, defensive end, Queen's
CFRC 101.9 FM alumnus Jaime Stein, who is now working in CFL headquarters, had a big part in getting this launched. Kevin McDonald (former Laurier quarterback) and Ryan Janzen (star McMaster receiver in the late '90s/early 2000s), who also work for the CFL, also had a large role.

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Mike said...

I am glad to see something like this appear, since they have something like it down South why not the same thing up here? May even help the CFL fans get interested in CIS ball a bit more, which would be nice!

Jordie Dwyer said...

Okay...All I want to know is..Who mentally disturbed person put Rottier (or Rotten to some fans of the CIS out here) at the top of that list??
Just because he's a fifth year player, doesn't mean belongs on the list.

sager said...


Haven't seen him play first-hand, so I'm a poor judge. All I know about him is what I can turn up with the Google.

He was a Can West all-star. Then again, we know Canada West is not the same calibre as the OUA ... and I'll just trail off.

Anonymous said...

Well having seen him play first hand, I believe a few very intelligent people who know a thing or two about football put Rottier at the top of the list. Not only for his physical game but for his commitment, leadership and continued determination to improve.
I believe he's got what it takes.

Anonymous said...

Rottier aka Rotten, are you kidding me???? Did you see him play in the East/West Shrine Game??? He looked pretty good there vs the top D1 prospects.

He also isn't a 5th year guy, he has only played 3 years of CIS, could have one more year but won't be back.........