Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Someone almost became a personal hero, too bad he/she's so shy...

The gauntlet has been thrown down for the Anonymous Commenters Hall of Fame.

This one is the total package of...
  • Having an ax to grind about a single issue, long after everyone else has made their peace.
  • Coming off as holier-than-thou.
  • Making unsupported, ya-sure-you-are claims of social or professional status.

    (One would think a self-proclaimed Rapidz "insider" who claims a man's "wife probably has cancer from all of his second hand smoke and just the basic stress of living with a control freak" would at least nut up and put a name behind it.)
  • Dehumanizing someone with an unflattering nickname.
  • Run-on sentences that don't give a reader a chance to come up for air.

    See that key right above the spacebar? The one right below the the L, between the M and the period? It's a comma and it's wonderful.
  • Statements that would get anyone using his real name sued for libel and defamation.
That's enough of an intro. The man who was the target of this attack deserves so, so much better.
I think the firing of The Bottle(Ed's nickname throughout baseball) was too late and if you are an insider with the team then you would know that Bottle was the seventh or eighth choice for manager. The team was thrown together in three weeks and the win loss record shows that. Bottle was a dictator that would not stop polluting his players lungs with toxic fumes on a daily basis and even on the road bus. The smoking police were notified and Bottle was given a choice. It sounds like some of Bottles Alcoholic friends from Liam's are upset to loose their drinking buddy. I've got news for all of you pro Bottle people. The guy was a self proclaimed alcoholic that only cared about how much attention he could get. But no one cared about him in Ottawa just like every other place he has ever coached. Bottle has one of the worst reputations in the "Bush leagues" as he calls them. He is only negative and a proven looser. His wife probably has cancer from all of his second hand smoke and just the basic stress of living with a control freak. Baseball was a Bottle had left in life and all he cared about but not for any positive reasons. His reasons for loving baseball were and are purely selfish because the only reason he is involved is to control people and feel as though his life and opinions matter which they clearly do not. This was Bottle's last job in baseball and no one else wants anything to do with him. He has burned every bridge he has ever crossed and now even a bridge to Canada. He insulted Canadian beer on a regular basis because he said it was too expensive. I think it was because he could'nt handle the punch compared to his watered down American crap beer. Just another reason why Bottle is a looser. I personally hope he lives the rest of his days a sorry old man who blew every chance in life he was ever given. If he did'nt loose his mortgage trying to finance his singing career maybe he would have a house to live in but now I think he may be checking into the cheapest old folks home the U.S. has to offer. I hope his liver shrivles up and fails. I hate the Bottle!!!!
Some would just delete that post-haste, especially given the case law in Canada with respect to third parties in cases of libel or defamation. Against better judgment (presuming it's not a trap set by a troll), it's going to stay up there. Consider this to be just like the scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High when Spicoli said, "I don't know" and Mr. Hand wrote it on the chalkboard for posterity for all of his classes to ponder.

Who knows what possesses fully functioning adults to something like that about a 69-year-old man. Who knows who said it, and who knows what it says about the people running the Rapidz if it did spew from the mouth (or some other orifice) of someone of their acquaintance. Let's hope not.

Menatime, let it stand, as a monument to ignorance and that, oh, because's you're only venting on the Internet, that doesn't mean that you're actually a solipsistic little twit.


Tyler King said...

Well said, Neate. Besides, the world should have learned by now that suing you for defamation brings misfortune worse than the curses of Tutankhamun and The Omen combined.

Von Allan said...

I was disappointed to see this. And, of course, because I subscribed to the thread, I saw his comment immediately as an email in my Thunderbird client.

It's part of the reason I really dislike Blogger as compared to other clients like Livejournal. I find the latter far more naturally interactive than Blogger's "email follow-up comments" feature.

But yeah, trolls suck.

On a totally unrelated but yet happy note, did you see this? Yay me! :)