Monday, August 11, 2008

Snark break

While you were dreaming of visiting a palace that has your name on it -- spelled correctly, too!

Team USA won its Olympic men's basketball opener in walkover despite missing 11 of its first 12 threes. Is that a harbinger of disaster, or impressive?

Good news: You get to keep your voting privileges if there's more than five clips on's Twenty-Five Must-See YouTubes that you haven't actually seen.

Don't act so surprised that Canada is already out of the Olympic boxing. Do you know anyone who knows anyone who belongs to a boxing club? Do you know anyone who went to a bar or someone's house to watch UFC 87 on Saturday?

Did you read about how Adam Trupish's experience was the quintessential small-town cheap COC-up?
"With only one boxer qualified, the Canadian Olympic Committee opted to cut corners, not credentialing a second person for Trupish's corner. Without a corner man for support, Trupish and (coach Charlie) Stewart turned to Ireland coach Billy Walsh, who volunteered his services as Trupish's second.

"It appeared briefly Canada's decision to go for style over practicality would keep Trupish from the ring.

"His Canadian jersey was a collared T-shirt, not the tank top style preferred by the International Amateur Boxing Association.

"Two minutes before we get in the ring, we're arguing just to get them to let me in the ring, because my outfit doesn't meet the normal criteria," Trupish said.

" 'Canada has started a new style and they (IABA) really didn't like the change. They like the more customary tank top.

" 'I guess we're more about fashion sense.' "
The New York Islanders have their priorities in order -- they introduced their Ice Girls before introducing a head coach. (Link via Puck Daddy.)

The Syracuse University mascot, Otto, is up for election to the Mascot Hall of Fame. And here you thought the Orange had no shot of appearing in any poll during the college football season.

PGA Championship: It's so nice that someone named Harrington can win something in Detroit. Sergio Garcia takes that Best Player To Never Win a Major distinction very seriously.


krister said...

Sager - didn't know you were royalty:) having a palace named after you! And in Sweden of all places. Good stuff!!!

eyebleaf said...

why don't you invite sundin to your swedish palace, smack him up a bit, and tell him to a fucking decision!!!!!!!!1

sager said...

That would be very un-Swedish .... tell you what, I'll have him over for some avant-garde films, then I'll tell him, "You know, Mats, maybe it's time to think about making a decision, like yesterday."

krister said...

You are so royalty! That would be right after an Ingmar Bergman film of course.