Friday, August 08, 2008

It may be prancing, but at least it's Olympic prancing!

As I type this I've been up for 30 minutes watching Asian people dance while waving pink pompoms. Occasionally someone says something in Cantonese (or maybe it's Mandarin, I always get them mixed up). Did I mention it was 6:10 a.m.?

I might have a problem.

I'm able to do this bizarre thing because of the magic of live Internet streaming. These Olympics are the first to take place in the emerging webcast era. The technology is undoubtedly going to change how we watch events like the Games. No longer are we going to be a slave to the networks. Rather, we will pick and choose exactly what we want to see.

It will be interesting to see how the teevee folks react. Especially in the Great Republic to the south of us where they like to package their American Heroes into bite sized pieces easily digestible in prime time. Although in 2008 there probably aren't a lot of Omaha housewifes using proxies to tap into international webcasts, or downloading programming from P2P sources, that could change in four years time. Whether that means that NBC will actually start to show more live events, or whether more will get shuffled off to the cable networks, is an unanswerable question now. An interesting one, but unanswerable.

Here in Canada, we already get a lot of live programming, so the impact may not be as noticeable. One thing we might see, however, is less actual sports on the tube with the network doing more profiling and cultural stuff before shuffling us sports geeks off to the 'net to watch the event live while editors get busy cutting out the Albanian the finishes 17th so we can see the three medalists and the kid from Moose Jaw that overcame a hangnail to bravely compete. Don't pay attention to the bib numbers. They'll show you the performances in the order they damn well want to.


Anonymous said...

here are a couple of sites to watch the Games from.
- the above site is also great for mma and cfl telecasts
- this one is great for the olympics and more. you just have to download a couple of media players to get most sports action in the world including, including swedish elite league and russian super league hockey during the seasaon

krister said...

I went to the and it seems to me that it is of PC and widoze only. For those of us on Mac's, what's with that???

btw - why did CBC cut to commercial when Sweden arrived into the stadium? Don't they know who I am?:) If there ever is an event that should be carried commercial free it would be the parade of nations in any olympics - ESPECIALLY since we live in a multicultural country. Add this to the weekly rant if you want.

Duane Rollins said...

A happy medium might be a screen in screen shot - like they did for the World Cup a few years ago. It's not perfect, but at least the visibles are still there.

Or, they could convince one advertiser to sponsor an ad free OC.

krister said...

I agree - there are no doubt many innovative ways to get someone to sponsor without making it sound like the MasterCard Memorial Cup where the Mastercard announcer mentions the MasterCard a few times in each MasterCard sentence.:)