Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fronts: The box! The box!

For those of you who follow the Kingston Frontenacs, you might interested to know that there was a little-known codicil in the Ben Shutron trade with the Kitchener Rangers last season. As part of the deal, the Frontenacs have the right to claim an overage player from the Kitchener Rangers if Shutron, the Orleans native, returned to play another OHL season.

Shutron might end up being captain of the Ranger. Naturally, the overage candidates that would be available to the Fronts are both forwards, when they already have a glut of 20-year-olds up front. The K-W Record says they'll probably work out a deal for a draft choice, or GM-for-life Larry Mavety could just take what's in the mystery box.

Welcome to Rangerland, post-DeBoer (K-W Record)


Tyler King said...

Perhaps the comedian will tell jokes about boating, or owning a boat.

Yeah, and maybe he'll tell one about being a sucker!

Oh, Quagmire, you're what the spanish call, el terrible.

sager said...

I'll indulge your illusion that was the episode I had in mind...

"This comic sucks! He couldn't make me laugh, even if I was laughing my ass off and he was making me do it. Come on, Skinny! Make me laugh!"
"Peter, that's a microphone stand."
"Oh, well, pardon me for thinking a microphone stand in a comedy club should tell a joke or two. I guess I'm just old-fashioned that way."