Thursday, August 28, 2008

CIS Corner: Queen's new look, and more

Notes on Queen's uniforms, plus a way to watch Saturday's big hoops doubleheader if you're unable to get out to Scotiabank Place...

Ravens/Gee-Gees: Saturday's Can-Am Shootout in Ottawa, featuring the Kansas-Carleton game, is going to be aired on the Streaming Sports Network (

The webcast is scheduled to go live at 4:30 p.m. with the CIS Today pre-game
show at 4:30 p.m., followed by a 5 p.m. tip-off for South Alabama-Ottawa and the matchup between the reigning NCAA champions and the Ravens.

Mark Masters, who's commentated just about every sport under the sun in Ottawa for SSN and for Rogers Community 22, will be at the mike. The in-front-of-the-camera talent lineup includes co-hosts John Bower and Alayne Crawford, with Alison Sandor and Joe Fishman working as reporters.

It's promising to see that SSN is continuing to expand. In their release, the company's president, Bengt Neathery, says it "will nearly double the number of productions we provide to university sport fans this season via our network of affiliated schools and in the production of our weekly Sunday night show on the CIS that debuts in September."

The first telecast for the CIS magazine show is on Sunday, Sept. 7.

Gaels: First things first: For anyone who had been speculating about Queen's new football uniforms, a well-placed source says, "our football helmet remains gold! You heard it here first... feel free to let the world know."

There was some speculation from commenters here and elsewhere that a blue helmet might be a better background for Queen's Athletics new logo, which makes heavy use of gold. Seriously, though, the very thought of Queen's not having a gold helmet calls to mind that Seinfeld episode where George Costanza tells Cheers' George Wendt, "I don't mean to tell you how to run your show, but ... enough with the bar already."

The big takeaway from the announcement that adidas Canada will outfit all Queen's varsity athletes is that all teams will now wear gold at home and blue on the road. It's a regular conformity factory down there in Kingston, but in a good way. The shade (hue?) of gold will also be more consistent, for anyone who obsesses over that type of thing. (If memory serves, the basketball and soccer teams had a more yellowy kit.)

Does anyone know how to upload a 20-page PDF to a Blogspot page? Failing that, if you're really desperate, it is available via e-mail. Shoot an e-mail to neatesager AT for the hook-up.
(Queen's has a slideshow on its website. Big Man on Campus also has the PDF available.)


Big V said...

The FOotball Jerseys are a bit much...
as one person put it "they are busy"

a lot of addidas three stripes... that look like they were added because they had to go somewhere.

sager said...

Well, the three stripes on the back of the neck give the opposing defensive back something to look at it when he's chasing someone into the end zone.

Or so the theory goes.

Tyler King said...

Here's the one zinger I've come up with so far (downing 4 beers at a press event is not a good idea, but I'm a freaking volunteer college radio host so who the bleep cares):

"The speakers from the department mentioned probably 6 times that the new brand had to be "bold".

The new logo is italicized."

Anonymous said...

There are pics from the launch on the website as well...

Mike said...

I like it, it really does look good without departing from the old tricolour look. Can't wait to see them in action!

vcvet said...

The good news is that the football Gaels will be "Golden" home and away. It's only the sports tht are required to have different home and away uniforms by the league that will be blue on the road.