Monday, August 18, 2008

CIS Corner: Football doubleheader...

This needs to be confirmed, but a commenter just posted that The Score will have a University Rush doubleheader on Sept. 6, Week 2 of the OUA football season -- "Queen's at Guelph at 1 p.m., then Western at Laurier at 7 p.m."

It would be a tough task to use the same mobile truck and camera operators at two games in one day, even with the short trip between Guelph and Waterloo. It is possible they could use the same on-air people.

Western's website also notes that The Score will air the Gaels-Mustangs game on Sept. 27, along with Western's Oct. 4 home game vs. the Windsor Lancers. The Score will finalize its schedule within the next couple weeks. (Cue Homer Simpson: "A couple weeks?! But I want football to be here now!"

Ravens: Carleton just announced that Jean-Francois Messier, a former Junior A coach with the Cumberland Grads, is taking over as coach of the Carleton women's hockey team.


sager said...

Make it 100 metres on land, 50 m in the pool. Which would they do first ... because we all remember from our swim lessons that there's "no running near the pool!"

If Bolt trained really hard at the swimming for six weeks, could he build up enough of a lead over Phelps over 100 metres to hold him off over a 50 free -- and maybe we'd have Phelps swim his slowest stroke while Bolt was allowed to do freestyle.

Anonymous said...

Ah--the score is in love with Western once again,

sager said...

They did win the Yates Cup and they do bring in an audience, as the largest university in Ontario which realizes it has a football team.

Anonymous said...

Based on their performance over the last few years Ottawa U deserves significant exposure on a network like The Score.
However, if you have ever witnessed a Gee Gee home game then you would know the fan support is pretty pathetic.
Maybe 2500 fans...on a good up in the cavernous north side stands at Frank Clair Stadium. Compare that to the 9 to 10 thousand who shoehorn themselves into PEPS stadium to watch Laval.
The only time you would ever see a big crowd for a Gee Gee home game is when Queen's is in town.

sager said...

You won't get any argument here (well, maybe from Tyler, since he would argue with an echo, just kidding) that the Gee-Gees football team is underexposed in its own market and provincewide.

The schedulemaker didn't help the Gee-Gees' cause. The Score hasn't broadcast the Labour Day openers, so their best road matchup, the opener at Western is out.

The Sept. 13 game at Mac might not be a bad one for The Score to show, but it's at night, and there's a couple other chances to get McMaster on TV.

Coming to Ottawa for the Laurier game on Oct. 4 conflicts with Windsor-Western ... the Oct. 11 game at Queen's, also conflicts with a more conveninently located matchup -- Mac at Laurier.

Here's my best guesses at the sked, assuming only OUA games:

Sept. 6 -- Queen's-Guelph; Western-Laurier

Sept. 13 -- Laurier-Queen's (Guelph-Windsor also possible, but it's a 7 p.m. start) ... personally, they should load up for Lennoxville and air Saint Mary's at Bishop's, let the ROC see Jamall Lee.

Sept 20 -- Mac-Guelph

Sept. 27 -- Western-Queen's

Oct. 4 -- Windsor-Western

Oct. 11 -- Mac-Laurier, but there's a Saskatchewan-Manitoba Canada West game (2 p.m. ET start)

Oct. 18 -- Guelph-Western (this presumes they'll have flex scheduling and pick the best matchup with the heaviest bearing on playoff positiiong)

Oct. 24 -- Manitoba-Regina is a good Canada West matchup, but (I believe) it's 9 p.m. ET kickoff, which conflicts with The Score's highly profitable wrestling programming.

Anonymous said...

Yes Ottawa needs more fans in the seats and a better plan to get them there.
However, it has often been reported that The Score will not go to Ottawa to broadcast a regular season game anyway. It is more expensive for them to do so than to show one of the games from south-Western Ontario, where The Score is based. Even fans in the seats will not change this.
So I hope for Ottawa road games to be shown. From a selfish standpoint, it is better because I can go to the home games, not all of the away ones.
Pity if they do not show any. We have a veteran team which is a contender; two Hec nominees on the field at the same time: a QB who is going for the all-time CIS passing yardage record. An exciting passing game with Sacobie to Birungi, Crane, et al.
If one wishes to showcase some of the best games to the wide public, surely the Gee Gees will provide some of the best entertainment in the OUA.
I do not want to miss the better match ups for sure, so I have my travel arrangements made for the Ottawa@Western Labour Day game. Should be a dandy.

Tim said...


As your loyal, if infrequently commenting London correspondent, I'll give you my so unbiased report on any and all UWO games here in London. Most will be alcohol driven, which equals excellence in these parts.

Tim Rowland

Rob Pettapiece said...

Frankly, as a proud (wait, that's not the right word) Warrior, the fact that I cannot watch Waterloo/Toronto on TV on Labour Day pretty well removes all chance of enjoying that long weekend.

Has The Score ever covered two games on the same day in different cities before?

sager said...

@ Rob: Yes, they did a Canada West game and an OUA game on the same Saturday in 2006 ... I believe it was a Manitoba-Saskatchewan game, can't remember off-hand who the OUA teams were.

@ Tim: Let us have it! No mercy!

Anonymous said...

Well we were all wrong, including me. The score sked is out--on the score website--- and Ottawa is covered twice, They are even coming to Ottawa for a regular season game.What a change from previous years.

Queens @ Guelph September 06, 1:00 PM
Western @ Laurier September 06, 7:00 PM
Ottawa @ McMaster September 13, 7:00 PM
McMaster @ Guelph September 20, 1:00 PM
Western @ Queens September 27, 1:00 PM
Laurier @ Ottawa October 04, 12:30 PM