Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Would you like some Olympic sap on your pancakes?

This is one of those just too sappy for words Olympic stories. Some kid from the middle of nowhere sacrifices nearly everything playing a sport most of us only partake in while drunk in our neighbors above ground pool (Note- although it’s now OK to eat and swim, OOLF does not advocate drinking and swimming. Walking and drinking is dangerous enough). Then, when he’s no longer a kid, he suddenly finds himself going to the Olympics.

I’m sure the CBC is busy shooting a heartfelt profile as we speak.

We take you to small town Saskatchewan in this edition of Home Depot’s The Olympians

But, it works. I dare you to read this and not have the same reaction you do when you walk past a basket of puppies. And Kittens. Playing together in harmony.

I mean he’s pretty much from, like, Dog River.

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