Friday, August 01, 2008

Snark Break ...

Getting cranked up, in a matter of speaking ...

Did anyone else notice that the Boston Red Sox were awfully quick to ditch Manny Ramirez, a Dominician player, just like they weren't too upset about letting Pedro Martinez go a few years back? Just sayin'.

For what ESPN is paying him, shouldn't Rick Reilly be able to do a lot better than mocking the anthems of other countries that aren't American? Like a young Phil Esposito once yelled at Gordie Howe after getting catching an elbow in the mouth, "You used to be my idol, you a--hole."

(Update: Duane points out in the comments that Reilly has just been writing the same column for 10 years and just changing the names, but apparently he's not the only one. Quoth Kurtenblog, If you're going to plagiarize your sports writing, don't rip off Rick Reilly. People know his work. You will get caught."

It's too bad reports that Eric Lindros and Kate Hudson are an item have been debunked. They seem perfect for each other. No one today can believe he was captain of the Canadian Olympic team and no one can believe she was once nominated for an Oscar. You really had to be there.

Question for Ozzie Guillen: If anyone at a baseball game Minnesota could throw a ballcap far enough and accurately enough to harm a visiting ballplayer, don't you think the Vikings would have signed them to give Tarvaris Jackson a push during training camp?

(Seriously, though, Tarvaris is going to light it up, unless he has Artis Hicks as his left tackle. And Brett Favre won't be wearing purple, unless that becomes the hip new colour to wear while deer hunting. You betcha.)

One more baseball/football crossover ... it's surprising Reds slugger Adam Dunn didn't get traded to Tampa Bay .... Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden is always looking for another quarterback. (Dunn was one at the University of Texas -- do you know the guy doesn't really like baseball that much?)

Speaking of lighting up ... Seth Rogen getting thrown out of a party for smoking marijuana is like Hugh Hefner getting ejected from the Playboy Mansion for showing up with two blondes.

(S.R. and Steve Carell in a Ghostbusters sequel? Hollywood really is out of ideas.)

This Dino Ciccarelli Minnesota North Stars T-shirt is the perfect ironic fashion accessory to wear to your next bottomless party. What, too soon?


Harlem Spanish said...
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sager said...

Fine, but no one says, "Yeah, but he's an ornery bastard," when the guy is producing. That's the point.

Duane Rollins said...

Reilly has been writing the same damn column for 10 years--just change the names.

[/snarky jealous bastard]

The Universal Cynic said...

Kate Hudson has yet to win an Oscar -- she was nominated for "Almost Famous" (Marcia Gay Harden won that year for "Pollock"). Frances McDormand was robbed (nominated for AF in the same category).


Cares Too Much About The Entertainment Industry

sager said...

Thanks, *fixed*. I don't think we need to hold our breath on her getting nominated again.