Thursday, July 24, 2008

Snark break...

Don't feel guilty... It's not like you tried to help an eight-year-old cheat at a tennis tournament...

Wait a second. Caleb Campbell, the Army football player, actually wanted to play for the Detroit Lions instead of being deployed to Iraq?

A day later, it still hasn't sunk in ... the Houston Astros traded for broken-down Randy Wolf when they're nowhere near being in contention? This never happens if Astros GM Ed Wade was still alive.

Trent Yawney has been hired as an assistant coach by the San Jose Sharks. That Jack Adams Trophy that Don Cherry predicted for him three years ago can't be too far off.

The Associated Press story on the 25th anniversary of the Pine Tar Game says, "Still, for most baseball fans, two words quickly come to mind when they hear (George) Brett's name: pine tar." That's only because hemmoroids isn't hyphenated.

Rain in Southern Ontario could mean the Canadian Open won't go the full 72 holes. If it was shortened in accordance with its actually relevance, they'd be down to nine holes at a mini-putt.

Channeling a certain Toronto scribe: This is why A.J. Burnett makes people scream: He is pitching brilliantly. He has a one-run lead against a Baltimore team that is below .500. And it starts raining in the sixth inning and the game gets suspended.

From The Hockey News' Ryan Dixon: "Somebody could tell me they’ve got the Ottawa Senators slotted anywhere between one and 12 in their Eastern Conference predictions and I wouldn’t bat an eye. A team that used to be the model of regular season consistency is far and away the most unpredictable squad out there."

Rich Ricci, who coached in the Provincial Junior A league last season with the St. Mike's Buzzers, has been named an associate coach-assistant GM for the Oshawa Generals. Isn't it nice that some OHL teams actually believe they should tell the public who their coaches are, eh, Doug Springer?

Last, but not least, the fine folks in Sault Ste. Marie will now be watching their beloved Greyhounds at the Essar Centre. Let us never speak of the previous corporate naming rights holder again.


Amrit Ahluwalia said...

They should just call it the Algoma center and have done! That way, the company who owns it may change, but hell most companies in the Sault who could afford to buy a stadium have the word 'Algoma' in their name anyway.

Besides, I liked the plastic bottles Steelback used to come in - made me feel damn classy :)

sager said...

Other than the fact it was contributing to environmental degradation, it was classy.

Tyler King said...

For it to contribute to that, people would've had to buy them first.