Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sean Avery's first-born will be named Nieman Marcus...

Commenting on the NHL free-agent frenzy is not really the raison d'être of this site (it's making snarky comments that trade heavily in effete egghead phraseology such as raison d'être).

However, it has to be pointed out that the Dallas Stars' big free-agent signing means that Sean Avery, Terrell Owens, Mark Cuban and Milton Bradley are all situated in the same city. 

Jessica Simpson spends a lot of time in Dallas, too. Two words — reality show.

Sadly, that's about the only reaction on this end to the NHL's great shuffle, short of thinking of punny headlines that would make Ron MacLean blush, including one about the Leafs signing Jeff Finger that is just way too obvious to anyone over the age of 11.

As for Avery telling some "fashion writer" that joked to him, "Sure you're not gay?" that she would be good masturbatory timbre for him, it's either (a) great for him inferring that no one should give a damn either way or (b) sad to see someone else following in the Joe Francis school of seduction. Boo.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

You're forgetting Pacman Jones, Tony Romo and Josh Howard, among others... sounds like there could be some great parties in Dallas. Too bad Eddie the Eagle (the hockey one, not the ski-jumping one) isn't still in town to join the fun. The reality show sounds like a great idea... too bad Dallas is already taken!

Andrew Bucholtz said...

Also, I feel very sorry for this interviewer. The moral of the story: never question Sean Avery's heterosexuality!

sager said...

Any "fashion journalist" deserves whatever he/she has coming, pun intended ... he really told her he was going to "go home to jerk off to her right now"?

It's almost like Avery's commenting on why anyone should give a damn about his sexual orientation. Either that or he's just a boor.