Thursday, July 10, 2008

QB Controversy heats up - Bishop on waivers??

David Naylor of The Globe and Mail today has reported that Michael Bishop has been placed on waivers, in quite the interesting turn in the quarterback controversy that has been brewing in Toronto since the acquisition of Kerry Joseph...if it's true, of course. In the proper manner of these things the Argos are denying any such move has taken place.

It's unsure where Bishop would or even could land, I'm sure speculation will run abundant - depending on the play of Darian Durant in the relief role this weekend against Hamilton, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Riders make a pitch for Bishop.

Should be interesting to see what plays out from this, whether a trade or a release is imminent. Stay tuned...


Robert C. said...

Argos handling of the whole situation has been weird. Why they had these two around in the first place made no sense. Not like Bishop is a young QB, someone pointed out on the FAN that he's older than Tom Brady. Not a sign that he'll develop all of a sudden.

sager said...

They're waiting until he's Damon Allen's age.