Thursday, July 10, 2008

MLS all-star insanity grips T.O. (ok, not really)

MLS announces its starting XI for the all-star game today. The game, of course, will be held in Toronto two weeks from today and will cap of a four day soccer festival in T.O.

MLS has a fan vote to pick the team, but it's mostly for show (They claim that 25 per cent of the selection is determined by the vote, whatever the hell that means). In actuality, like everything else in the league, the league maintains firm control over the team's selection.

You can watch the press conference live now

...and not a single TFC player is named to the "best 11." Nor, Toronto's Dwayne DeRosario. Although they are careful to state that there are still five more players to name to the team and that the best 11 isn't necessarily the starting team.

TFC fans, at least the ones that sit in the south, are not going to respond well if they don't have someone to cheer for on game day. Most of them are a little suspicious of the whole all-star concept anyway. What MLSE won't tell you is that there is next to zero excitement around this game among the fans. It's a corporate thing.

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Mike said...

All Star games really aren't supposed to be exciting - if they are, every league fails repeatedly! It's unfortunate because I love the idea that the MLS All Star Game incorporates, playing a big name team from some soccer hotbed elsewhere. It's too bad this is more of a corporate love in...

At least it'll be a great atmosphere! :)