Monday, July 14, 2008

Perdita's Comeback comes to an end...

According to Randy Starkman's Olympics Blog with the Toronto Star, Perdita Felicien will officially announce tomorrow that she will not compete in the upcoming Olympics in Beijing. It's been tough for Felicien lately battling overcoming an injury, and obviously the question of whether to risk it or not at less than 100% is the big decision. Here's what Starkman reports on Perdita's predicament:

The 28-year-old Pickering hurdler, who hasn’t been able to compete since
injuring her foot during training last February, is expected to make the
announcement official tomorrow during a conference call.
Felicien attended
the recent Canadian track and field trials in Windsor and was named to the
Canadian Olympic team for Beijing conditional on being able to run the B
standard of 13.11 seconds.
But it was becoming more and more apparent
because of the time she had missed – she was on cructches for four weeks at one
point – that even if she made the team, it would next to impossible for her to
be competitive at the Beijing Games.

I think when Starkman notes that this is a big blow to the Canadian Olympic team he may be understated the obvious just a little, Perdita was our Great Canadian Hope (as Duane would say) the last time around, and many were waiting for her shot at redemption in these Games (myself included). Hower at least Felicien has the right mindset at this moment in time:

“Everybody looks at everything through the mirror of Athens,” said
Felicien. “I don’t look at it that way. I don’t win medals that way, by looking
in the past. I’m looking forward. I’m working my butt off to be there (in

“But if for someone reason I’m not, you’re going to get people that say
‘That’s too bad. Poor Perdita. Poor Perdita.’ No, it’s not poor Perdita, because
I absolutely feel blessed to do what I do and to do it for a living. And I still
do feel like my best race is ahead of me. I haven’t run the race of my life
that’s going to seal off my career. And that’s why I wake up every morning,
that’s what keeps me going.”

I'm still a big fan of hers, and still wish we could all get to cheer her on again this summer, but you gotta respect an athlete's choice in a quandary like this. If this is true and Perdita pulls out of these Olympics, I for one do believe this is not her curtain call, she's still got years ahead of her


Dennis Prouse said...

28 is a little long in the tooth by international track standards, isn't it? I really wasn't expecting her to be a factor in Beijing, injury or no injury, so I am not surprised. Her shot was four years ago, but the fates conspired against her. That's the tough part about individual sports at the Olympics - one mistake, one bad break, and it all comes crumbling down in one horrifying, Mary Decker-Slaney-esque moment.

Duane Rollins said...

Well...she was the silver medalist at the world's last year, so...

But, 32 is not going to happen. Not without chemical "help" anyway...(which there is no evidence to suggest that Felicien partakes in. None).

She's a world champion. That shouldn't be forgotten. Hopefully, she can refocus to go out strong at next year's worlds.

Anonymous said...

This sucks big time. I was so gunning for Perdita to win it all this time in Beijing.

Why do I get a sinking feeling this is just one of a string of bad outcomes to affect Canadian athletes coming up? The Beijing Games do not look for Canada so far.

Mike said...

I see Felicien still having a good race or 2 left in World Championships but I do agree the next Olympics are most definitely too much of a stretch!

Anon. I really hope that this is not foreshadowing the Olympics ahead for the Canadians, I'll remain optimistic but that would not be pleasant!