Monday, July 14, 2008

Aumont to miss Olympics

It turns out Phillippe Aumont's injury will keep him out of the Olympics. It's a damn shame -- he also didn't get to throw an inning during the Futures Game on Sunday at Yankee Stadium -- but let's keep an eye on how it unfolds for him over the last two months of the Seattle Mariners bonus baby's first pro season.

Update: And he ain't happy, as Jeff Blair related:

"And man: is he pissed off about it. Not entirely at the Mariners -- indeed, as he spoke after watching The World futures team shut out the U.S. 3-0, he seemed to start out bitter but talked himself into seeing the organization's side -- but at the whole thing in general. Especially since he said he had been told by Canadian Olympic officials that he had a roster spot before he developed inflammation.

" 'I was going to the Olympics no matter what,' said Aumont. 'That was the agreement I had with the Mariners when I signed with them."
Blair's been doing a bang-up job: "Barry Bonds' absence will reduce the need to send lawyers, guns and money."

It's the busiest day of the year for a baseball writer and he still managed to drop in a Warren Zevon reference. He's just an excitable boy.

Pitcher is elbowed out; Ill-timed injury costs Aumont Olympic berth (Bob Elliott, Sun Media)

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