Friday, July 04, 2008

Howlett to U of T: No Más

University of Toronto head football coach Steve Howlett resigned this morning (it was announced on the Fan590 - no link yet). He steps down just 64 days from the start of the season and is likely the only 0-40 coach in history to have the privilege of resigning.

Sadly, the long term future of the Varsity Blues continues to be cloudy. The pointy heads tried to kill the program once, but alumni rallied to save it. That was before the Blues became a joke. If someone tries to pull the plug again, it's likely that most of the group that saved in in 1991 are either dead now or will view it as the humane thing to do.

It's sad that the largest university in this country doesn't see the value in the CIS' marquee sport.

Edit: (very) small release here

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Mike said...

The admin has really tried their best to kill off Varsity Blues football, but I think even they wouldn't be able to get away with it after building a brand spankin' new, and quite impressive stadium last year. If only they'd had the foresight and saw the merits of closing down on street for a year, both the Blues and Argos would likely be playing in one of the marquee football stadiums in all of Canada!

I don't think the Blues are going anywhere yet personally, but then again every time I see a move like this announced it does help sway my confidence in that statement...