Thursday, July 03, 2008

A DeRo-iffic opportunity

Rumours are flying that Scarborough's Dwayne De Rosario may be finally making a move to Europe.

DeRo is arguably the best MLS player of all-time. He's scored more than his share of highlight goals throughout his career (do a Youtube search) and has scored the MLS Cup winning goal twice, including last season's winner. He will likely become Canada's all-time leading scorer during this qualifying cycle and he, along with his fellow Scarbierian Julian de Guzman, are the centrepiece of Canada's (relatively speaking) golden generation of soccer players.

That DeRo has remained the big fish in MLS' small pond all these years has frustrated Canadian soccer fans to no end (he did start his career in Europe, but failed to catch on as a young player). It was rumoured that he was offered a contract at Manchester City a few years ago but nothing materialized.

It's just a rumour for now, but a move to FC Copenhagen of the Danish Superliga (where he would join fellow Canadian International Atiba Hutchinson and have a chance to play in the UEFA Cup) makes sense. He's just turned 30. There isn't a lot of prime time career left and you would have to think that his competitive instincts must want to see what he can do beyond the safe environment of MLS.

There is nothing left for DeRo to prove in MLS. Here's hoping that the rumours are true so Canadian fans can finally have the great unanswered question of Canadian Footy answered: just how good is DeRo?

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