Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A challenge from the bald, pudgy guy

Inspired by an assignment I received to write about my experience "running" a 10k race in June 2007--or more accurately, embarrassed by how bloody out of shape I was when I was told that I had to run a 10k race on three days notice--I made a challenge to myself.

Weighing just over 200lbs, getting about 10 minutes of exercise a week and a diet consisting of Taco Bell, Pizza Pizza and beer I decided that enough was enough. I never wanted to feel as intimidated by exercise as I did on that day ever again. I decided that I was going to start an exercise program and I set a goal for myself to keep me motivated (more on that in a bit).

The last 13-months haven't been perfect, but I have managed to lose 12 per cent of my body fat and between 13-15 pounds (depends on what time of day I weigh myself!). More importantly running no longer intimidates me. Actually, I willfully do it three times a week (along with two 15km bike rides and attending the group workout Body Pump twice weekly).

I'd like to invite you to join me on the challenge I set for myself. Being an Olympic nut and having run track and field in high school (along with soccer, basketball and wrestling--and community hockey. How did I find time to study? Oh yeah, I didn't) I decided that I wanted to "compete" in five different events on the exact same day that they are contested in China. By compete I of course mean sneak down to a local high school and time myself while running against no one in particular.

The events I'll be running with dates:

100m - Aug 16
200m - Aug 20
400m - Aug 21
1,500m - Aug 17
5,000m - Aug 22

I'm hoping to get within 2.5 times the winning time in Beijing. And I'll report back.

So, anyone up for joining me and reporting back?

Above, completely below the jump, I'm going to post the original story that inspired my little challenge.

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