Monday, July 28, 2008

Brett Favre in The Desirable Sports Scandal

Maybe people are becoming drunk with the excess of this whole ordeal. Sports Illustrated writer Steve Aschburner initially perplexed me when he wrote an article today about the jealousy other leagues - most notably the NBA - must be feeling towards the NFL at the moment. Aschburner states his claim at the start:

It is, quite possibly, the most overwrought, snarky, hand-wringing, interminable, nitpicked and some would say nitwitted story in the history of professional sports.

And yet, deep down inside, you get the feeling that the NBA and the other leagues envy the NFL for its Brett Favre saga, at least a little bit.

Beyond the unnecessary over inflation of an already over inflated story (biggest news story in the history of all professional sports? REALLY...?), what initially confused me was how this was different than any other sport in any other offseason; since, you know, EVERY SPORT has its drama that captures the sporting world's attention for more than a moment every year! But that's not the point of this scandal, not to me anyways; it's the lack of a deeper, more serious issue present that makes this scandal so desirable.

Personally speaking I feel the reason that should draw the envy of other Leagues and Associations is, plain and simple, the lack of any insidious extracurriculars involved with this story. The NFL has got to love that recent stories of a very negative nature which caught the attention and even the ire of people of all walks of life right across the nation (if not the world) have been replaced by a player who loves to dance and a superstar with a strong desire to return to the field of play claiming the headlines. Aschburner briefly points out why a story like this is great (wish he had expanded more upon this however, rather than focus on the return from retirement angle he chose):

An offseason news story that dominates the media...A topic crammed with all sorts of emotions and intrigue, yet ultimately about the game and its X's and O's...Involving a transcendent, cinch-Hall of Fame player, one of the best ever at his sport's glamour position, in what arguably is the league's most passionate and insular market

I'll take this purely sports related event over performance enhancing drug scandals, match-fixing fiascos, politics crossing over into the realm of the sports or athletes paraded off to court and/or prison for their misdeeds both on and off the field of play. A messy break-up on a sports level: a player who wants to come back and play for his team, while the team can't allow him to do so since they are trying to move on and just won't allow themselves to take him's almost a love story! (well, a love and lost story is likely the more appropriate description).

As hard as it will be to ever see Favre suit up in anything but a Packers jersey no animals were harmed or mistreated and Brett will not be called in front of Congress anytime soon: I consider this an overall improvement, and hopefully future scandals take notice.

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eyebleaf said...

screw brett favre. we need to focus on more important athletes who aren't causing all this drama.

like mats sundin.