Thursday, June 26, 2008

The truth hurts, Coach Hoodie

Vic Ketchman, a long-time sportswriter who works for the Jacksonville Jaguars website, got a lot of attention last season when he posted NFL power rankings that noted how the New England Patriots "cheated in one game."

Pro Football Talk (which you gotta have in your Google Reader, you just gotta) notes he's gone back to that well, in a question about NFL teams putting a radio transmitter in the helmet of a defensive player, the same as they do for the quarterbacks on offence:

"You may elect not to use the transmitter, but that could be dangerous in a game against the Patriots, who no doubt have stolen your hand signals. Of course, they'll probably steal your transmission signal, so maybe it would be a better idea to use hand signals and have everybody on the sideline making hand gestures, that way the Patriots wouldn’t know who the real signal guy is. You could do that, or you could do what the Giants did: Rush the quarterback and rush the quarterback hard."

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