Thursday, June 19, 2008

So, is this the bottom?

Three words:

Prince. Fielder. Insidetheparkhomerun.

Am I the only one who suspects that the Jays will be calling a press conference within a couple hours of this game?

Sadly, it's not 1989.

EDIT: Dave Bush no-hitting Toronto through seven
EDIT 2: The game is on Jays Vision (channel 399) for those paying Uncle Ted for your TeeVee/ About to go to the top of the eighth.
EDIT 3: As it turns out, the Jays can't lose with drama either--back-to-back hits off the top of the inning ends the no hitter. On the up note, I guess, Rios got a hit with a runner in scoring position. Don't worry though...this team will be no-hit this year. And, I take it back. The Jays will do their dirty work tomorrow, just before the NHL draft.
One last EDIT: So, thew twits almost come back to win, likely saving a couple jobs. Still, swept in Milwaukee....something is going to have to give soon.

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