Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The New Kid in Town

Hello, allow myself to introduce myself: my name is Mike, and I’m going to be a new face around these parts!

Long time reader, however recently I decided that I wanted to take a stab at contributing to the site myself. So after a few convincing emails/considerable bribes sent Neate’s way, he finally allowed me onboard! (maybe I should state here that my posts can be rather tongue-in-cheek from time to time?)

Recent grad, writing on the side when I can, and naturally a devoted, diehard sports fan since…forever? I was that kid who watched Sports Desk over cartoons in the mornings before school so I could catch up with all the games I had to miss the night before as they finished past my bedtime (well, I did watch Hercules, but that’s because that show was brilliant AND also came on before 7am, when Sports Desk started).

I’m also the self-anointed “World’s Most Passionate Sports Fan”, and while it’s true I cried at the end of Rudy and once fought a tiger for questioning Doug Flutie as a capable NFL starter (possibly a half-truth), I can step away for a second and take a more objective look at things as well! In the end I just hope that I can bring an interesting perspective from my various experiences and views of the sporting world. Hope y’all enjoy it!

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