Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Johnny 5 must be rolling over in his garbage heap!

The prices for tickets to this years NBA Finals are getting astronomical, the upper bowl cheap seats at tonights game in Los Angeles going for more than $400, with prices for courtside tickets (most of which have already been allocated for celebrities anyhow) apparently clocked in at over $25,000. This isn't really anything new, especially with a series of this proportion being played. So why does this matter? Well, who do I see courtside just now? No not talking about Jack, Steven Speilberg, or any of the Sex and the City cast but Wall E...yes, Wall E!

To those not familiar with Wall E, it's a movie coming out soon about a clumsy, dimwitted, renegade robot who eventually makes his way out into the universe to find his destiny (think animated remake of 'Short Circuit', but a little goofier for the kids). So they have this miniature version of this robot courtside - I guess R2D2 didn't have the right people working for him...

Anyways as if that isn't salt in the wounds for all of those unable to gets tickets to this game, especially courtside, this marketing ploy has attractive girls surrounding him!! Alright so I can understand the money dropped on promoting the upcoming movie at the game, but...surrounded by girls? Is that really necessary to promote a kids movie? What message exactly is being sent across here?? I guess that's why they say "only in L.A."

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