Thursday, June 05, 2008

Housekeeping: What to do about the little soccer tournament that's starting

As you may realize Euro 2008 starts this weekend. You can expect a preview post and some predictions tonight.

But, I want to know from you how much coverage you'd like to see on the tournament moving forward. To the soccer connoisseur, it doesn't get any better than the Euros. It's undoubtedly the most competitive international soccer tournament in the world. History tells us that you can't count any of the teams out. However, I realize that not everyone is a soccer connoisseur...

So, in the comment section below or by e-mail at let me know what you'd like to see.
  • A daily summery and preview?
  • A post every couple days?
  • Only follow the favourites?
  • Preview and wrap-up only?
  • A whole lotta posts every day?
What would you like to see?


THE Captain said...

Personally I like the idea of a whole lot of Euro Cup posts...I'm over in Austria right now, and the country has soccer fever - despite what you've probably read, it's not like dengue fever - and I just don't understand what all the fuss is about.

Be my guiding light...

Krister said...

Thanks for asking - Personally I would like as much comment as you can muster up. THIS is the tournament we have waited for all year long!!

I understand that you want to cover other sports, and baseball, as well, so if you do limit the number of posts to a few a day, please include all teams. You can only read about snoozefest defense Italy for so long.

Personally I am getting ready for 8 straight days of 2 football games a day although I should be able to carry the final group games the next 4 days (played at the same time) with one TV and the internet to catch it all as well before having to come up for air with the quarterfinals.

Sweden (where I am from) should do well in its group if it can get the scoring sorted out but after that I don't, sadly, expect them to do much in the play-offs.

sager said...

Krister, now you've got me interested ... is Zlatan gonna perform or what?

Krister said...

Swedish press is really negative on both Zlatan and Henrik Larson (of Celtic fame). The word is that Zlatan is still injured and Henrik is too old. Bad move to make a comeback.

According to the media, this is a team which will rely a lot on Freddie Ljungberg (former Arsenal) and the midfield and do some counters. Remember too, their # 1 goalie, Isaakson, was a back up at Manchester City and rarely played which doesn't sit well with the folks 'back home' - especially since the coach was a Swede!

So, the word in the media is pretty standoffish - team is too old, has problem scoring, and is suspect in goal. But then, they said much the same about the team in World Cup in USA in 94 and look where that took them:)

Krister said...

Sager - further to your comment, the website Hattricks did a survey and 24% of the 14,000 who responded thought Zlatan would be the biggest disappointment for Sweden in the tournament. In the same survey only 7% thought Sweden had a chance to win the whole thing. I think this will give you an idea of the mood going into the tournament as most other media would echo these thoughts.